Guys thank you so much for participate in the give away🍃🌿🌾 You are great!! I’ve already contacted the winner. Stay tune, more surprises are coming soon🙊

Give away CLOSED!

Thanks guys for participate, the winner will be announced tomorrow. I will contact personally with her/him. The winner will be chosen randomly, the more you’ve shared my content the more entries you have. Thank you so much and good luck to everyone!

messedupfangirl asked: Your art is amazing and you really deserve it (being able to sell your stuff and all) ;D


OMG, Thank you so much love!! <3

imsavedbyniall asked: Eres colombiana?! Omg amo amo amo tus dibujos en serio. ❤️❤️❤️

Muchas gracias!!! No, soy española ;)

believeinbritboys asked: Do you have a link to your store where we can buy that shirt?

Not yet, next week will be everything set. Just a few days more :) 


stellar-beller asked: Have you posted the finished drawing of one direction standing in a circle? The "working on it" post looked really good

No, yet. I don’t know how to finish it. I’m frustrated with it.


letsbe-psychos-together asked: That shirt is perfect 😍 your store is going to be amazing


Thank you! I hope so ;)

maddy-stylesx asked: I'm so excited for your clothes! I'm going to buy EVERYTHING😂❤️



evolvingzen asked: About the giveaway: I only have instagram and tumblr. So can I still take part in it, or do I also need Twitter account?

That is perfect!! of course, just with all the account you have. You dont need to make one to this   :)

believeinbritboys asked: I'm so excited for you and your store!


Thank you sweetie!! I’m so excited too ;)